Testosterone Therapy There has been a misguided notion that it is only men, who require testosterone hormone to enhance performance more so during work outs. Testosterone is a hormone which even though it is produced in small quantities, it is also present within the female anatomy. There are benefits of this hormone in women. After teenage, a woman is capable of producing substantial amounts of testosterone through the adrenal glands. After age catches up, the production might drop substantially, thus the need for any woman to look for alternatives such as Testosterone Therapy. This happens especially if the woman has to deal with a poor sexual stature, or even complications within her reproductive system.

It is a good thing to find alternative ways of refilling the hormone in your body. But, there is also a need to evaluate your specific body needs and assessing the consequences that the hormones may have on your overall health. As a means of physical and psychological management, getting alternative ways to restore testosterone in a woman’s body is not without repercussions. It is a contentious issue, which calls for a doctor’s intervention. Before getting into therapy, it is advisable to let your doctor conduct testing on your current testosterone levels. Consider having any other relevant tests done to make sure you will not be a victim of adverse side effects, once you start taking alternative hormone supplements.

Just like men have fluctuations at a certain point, women too have their down moments with the hormone. There are a number of side effects that any woman will encounter as a result of integrating the supplement. You can take the hormone therapy through pills, injections, or creams. Conversely the side effects will still remain the same, especially if you have been using the enhancement for a long time. With studies ongoing about the effects of this therapy on more pertinent conditions like cancer or cardiac diseases, it is yet to be wholly recommended as a reliable remedy.

Among the serious effects that women are likely to encounter when using the supplement include, abnormal muscle growth for women in body building. Again you will be at risk of hair loss, mood swings, and degeneration of the breasts. Pregnant women should stay away from any type of testosterone treatment, as it is lethal for the fetus. There is also the risk of exaggerated estrogen levels within the body. This is believed to be a predisposing factor for breast cancer. If you are taking particular drugs related to the circulation system on the side, Testosterone Therapy is capable of increasing the risk of poor blood coagulation.

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